hi im kyle and go friend me on my 3ds

FC: 0576-5111-0261

heres my real about me

look kyle it’s u

go crawl into a hole

Anonymous said: *~*guess who little faggot*~*

who dis


literally my dad


Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Inspired Anniversary Photos via


im glad he wasn’t racist about it


I was curious what the gender neutral equivalent of niece and nephew is so I googled it

it’s nibling

that’s literally the most adorable word I’ve ever heard in my entire life


it’s been a while since i drew this idiot



Fish bones on the shores of the Salton Sea in California

A reference for anyone creating a post-apocalyptic wasteland: If the water is toxic then there’s a high chance the beaches are nothing but fishbones. While fish have the ability to adapt and change with their environment, most will die off after initial contamination.

A neat detail to keep in mind.


i heard a pigeon outside and i said “my son” im not sure why